From LEER’s website:

In January 2007, SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Marketers Association, conducted the latest in a long series of studies on the effect tonneaus have on the aerodynamics of pickup trucks. The new tests took place at AeroDyne Wind Tunnel LLC in Moorseville, NC, a site often used by the NASCAR community.

The new tests confirmed what other tests have shown: LEER hard fiberglass tonneaus reduce the coefficient of drag of a moving pickup truck by an average of 6.5%. These results, combined with recent pickup truck road testing, prove conclusively that adding a fiberglass tonneau improves fuel economy by 6% – 9%, depending upon driving conditions.

That means adding a LEER tonneau to your pickup will save you gas and money. You can enjoy all the security and style of a LEER tonneau while you put CASH back in your pocket. Your savings mean your LEER tonneau will soon PAY FOR ITSELF!


As all truck owners know, trucks take a beating but keep on ticking. To survive years of hard work an owner must maintain his truck with the proper tools. One of the most neglected parts of the truck is the interior floor. They get muddy, salty, cut up, spilt on, and stained from everything that is found on the dirty work ground. Bare carpet is really hard to clean well, and cheap covers don’t do the job and usually end up breaking. There is just not much you can do to repair the floor interior with out replacing it.

The best solution is prevention. The greatest prevention device I have found is WeatherTech Floor Mats. They are custom fitted my truck perfectly, while also looking great. They leave no space for the elements to get to the floor of my truck. Cleaning them is a dream. Just have to take them out and rinse them off. Much easier than hours of scrubbing and trying to figure out the correct cleaning supplies.

They also look great and really add to my style that I am trying to achieve. I get tons of compliments on them and jealous looks because of how easy they are to maintain. If you are interested in upgrading your truck’s interior, check out the pics below. We have experts on hand to help you decide on your perfect product. Call us now or fill out our contact form. These floor mats will change your life, and really upgrade your truck’s style.